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Welcome to Dream Team Elite!

We Make Champions

Are you ready to learn and excel at gymnastics?
At Tumble-Jungle, you will get to train with the best instructors and enjoy a modern facility.


Dream Team Elite

Competitive Gymnastics AAU Levels 1-8, & Excel Bronze, Silver, and Gold

The AAU competitive gymnastics program at Tumble-Jungle is a natural progression from our recreational program into competition. Gymnasts may be invited from the Lil' Monkey's Class to try out for the AAU competition team where they will begin to compete in gymnastics competitions around the state. Gymnasts will start in Level 1 and may progress in levels as they accomplish more advanced skills and routines. AAU competitive gymnastics is different from USAG competition because time commitment for parents and gymnasts is cut in half, the financial commitment is less and there is more emphasis placed on individual performance and effort, and less on winning. If your child has aspirations to compete one day, our AAU program would be a great place to start.


It's more than scores

Stella Rogers holds up her score card for the "Tumble in the Jungle" Meet where she scored all 9's.

It takesTeamwork

Dream Team Elite takes 1st Place Team.  The Level 1's patiently await for their Team to be called up during the awards ceremony.

Recognition build's Self-Esteem

Paisley takes home an individual award as recognition for all her hard work and commitment in the Gym. Paisley says
"It's Fun going to Meets".